Please read the following instructions when shipping to Pawn212.

  1. All packages must be double boxed and include the tracking number on the inner box. Make sure the inner box is not a small box that may be easily disposed.

  2. All packages must be properly packed and sealed to withstand the course of transit.

  3. All packages must be picked up at a shipper’s location, handed to a FedEx driver or taken to a FedEx staffed location. Do not use unmanned drop boxes.

  4. It is the shipper's responsibility to report any deviation from the specified shipping date to Pawn212. Shipments without same day confirmation of receipt of report shall be treated as uninsured shipments.

  5. Never indicate anything on the air waybill or box that would suggest high value, such as the words jewelry, watch, diamond, pearl, gem, coin, bullion, oro, or known jewelry/watch retailers, brands or auction houses, or any abbreviations such as GIA, GTL, EGL, DIA, etc.

  6. Do not declare a value to the FedEx staff unless instructed to do so by a member of the Pawn212 staff.